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“Europe Needs You” is the latest project from JEF Austria aimed at raising awareness of European issues and the need for Europe’s citizens to tackle them.

Populism is on the rise, the migrant crisis threatens the future of free movement and nationalism is beginning to fight its way back to center stage.

With Europe and the EU facing challenges like never before, it is important that people become aware of problems and are mobilised to help solve them.

Through hosting a wide range of events and campaigns – from cinema screenings to interactive websites – Europe Needs You hopes to engage many demographics and ensure that the European message reaches all.

Young people are especially important to Europe’s future, so by getting them involved with Europe Needs You, we are one step closer to tackling key issues.

This site is supported by the European Parliament. (Diese Seite wird mit Unterstützung des Europäischen Parlaments betrieben.)
Diese Seite wird mit Unterstützung des Europäischen Parlaments betrieben.

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