EuropaCafe-Initiatorin Dr. Nana Walzer
EuropaCafe-Initiatorin Dr. Nana Walzer

EP Election registration for EU-citizens by Dr. Nana Walzer

This is a podcast from R9 Regional TV

Hi there, my name is Nana Walzer, and I am inviting all EU-citizens living in Austria to participate in the upcoming European elections right here in Austria!
The process might be a bit complicated, but it is worth the effort: If you are an EU-citizen and you have reached the age of 16 by 26th of may and you are having your main residence in Austria, you can take a vote in the European elections. You can choose whether you wish to vote for an Austrian Member of the European Parliament or for MEPs of your home EU-member state.
In order to be able to vote for Austrian MEPs, you have to register in the European electoral roll in Austria. The good thing in doing so is, that your registration remains active as long as you have your primary residence in Austria.
You need to register at least 72 days before the European elections, to be precisely that is before March 12. You can register in 2 different ways: either in writing (be it a letter or an e-mail) or in person. To master the procedure, you need first to fill in a form called “application for registration in the European electoral roll for EU citizen with the primary residence in Austria”. Secondly you need to complete and sign a personal data form called “Europa-Wähleranlageblatt” and at least you need a proof of identity like your passport, photo-ID or driving license. To brighten up this effort: The registration is free of charge.
You can find all necessary information of how to take your vote and all the links to the forms needed on the Website www.diesmalwä or you may find your way starting at the site of
However you do it: Please do choose your version of Europe and take your vote on May 26 in Austria!
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