Appetising Lines Fresh from the Blogging Workshop

On April 30th, ten young people from all over Austria came to the Europe Centre to mix and learn more about the art of blogging. In May, they will be part of the editorial board responsible for bringing insight into the happenings at the European Youth Event in Strasbourg. Thanks to this intensive workshop, they are now prepared to report away!

During the morning sessions of the workshop, our bloggers were able to discover more about the technical and legal side of blogging. They learned how to navigate their way around publishing platforms and within a few hours were ready to apply the basics. It’s not so much about fancy fonts or impressive text layouts, but more about creative approaches, a flair for writing and entertaining texts. Their roles will involve networking, spreading information about EYE and contributing to the Europe Needs You website.
At a large table bloggers unwrap their lunch. The scent of warmed pasta, chili and carrot swirls through the air and spreads throughout the room. The initially skeptical glances are overruled by hungry stomachs. While not gourmet, the frozen ready meals will at least fill a gap.

Instead of the expected awkward silence that lingers amongst new aquaintances, the young group of bloggers quickly struck up fascinating conversation on travel journalism and the Western media landscape. An open atmosphere is already noticeable during the lunch break and although the editorial team is a motley crew of different backgrounds. A reassuringly good group dynamic is revealed – Europe is in good hands.

The workshop ends and the writers leave. However, it will not be long until their paths will cross again and the newly-trained editorial team of Europe Needs You can make their spectacular debut.

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